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In our work supporting clients across the healthcare landscape, we continue to hear challenges from executives and project leaders to accelerate “value realization” coupled with requests to bring tools and resources to our projects that address the ever-increasing pressures to meet financial and operational targets.    Our delivery model reflects our shared understanding of the economic, operational and regulatory head-winds that our clients are facing and we continue to introduce new capabilities to address the need to realize results and re-invest savings faster.

As we reflect on the past year and the introduction of Sunstone’s services to our current and target clients, we are enhancing our methods and practices through the following lens:

  1. Ensuring alignment between decision-makers, which are sometimes distributed and lacking a common purpose/vision, with priorities and objectives. While we embed business case development and ROI analysis into all of our services, we also recognize that the landscape is becoming more complex.  Controlling for every possible contingency or potential “pivot” can distract executives from delivering against their core mission.    We want to help clients move beyond some of these current uncertainties and co-create solutions that maximize  the impact of every invested dollar.
  1. Recognizing the “need for speed” in decision-making vs. chasing a “perfect” plan. Our team of seasoned healthcare executives provide an on-ramp to improving the pace of new initiatives.   We understand the intricacies of today’s healthcare environment and have helped many companies navigate their value-chain without having to rely on a “cold-start” series of discovery and on-boarding forums.  We want to “dive right in” with your team to engage in iterative planning or design sessions that leverage our wide experience while considering the unique challenges of each client use case.
  1. Building “repeatability” into our assessment tools and suggested process improvements. Our Client Solution Teams bring a proven track record of success across all types of players in the healthcare sector.   We are continually working to enhance our practices and tools so that our clients can consistently utilize them long-after our time partnering with them has ended.
  1. Offering solutions that reflect our willingness to “put skin in the game” to align our professional fees with the value that our work delivers. We understand the need to demonstrate our worth via a model that includes:
  • Identifying & quantifying the value that our clients will ultimately realize from our deliverables and services
  • Creating value with our clients through our teams, methods and experience
  • Capturing value in a systemic and mutually understood way so that our client’s benefit is beyond what they would have achieved without our support

To learn more about how SMA can partner with you on an accelerated value-realization effort, contact us at