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Deep Domain Expertise

To address the discreet business objectives you define, we customize the subject matter knowledge and experience brought to each engagement. This includes using our Operating Partners in a seamless and coordinated deployment. The Leaders and Operating Partners that make up our Client Solutions Team represent a wide range of senior-level strategic growth, business transformation, operations & management advisory experience built through long tenures in national and regional consulting firms as well as healthcare business executive leadership.

The Client Solutions Team members that we routinely deploy include experience in:

Growth Strategy Analysis & Execution:

  • Market, Consumer Experience and Competitive Assessments
  • Product Development & Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • M&A Support
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Account Management Performance


  • Life, Accident & Health (Group & Individual)
  • Primary and Supplemental/Ancillary Products
  • Traditional Group Health and Alternate Funding
  • Traditional Medicare & Medicare Advantage
  • Medicaid & Long-Term Care Services & Support (LTSS)
  • Provider / Payer Contracting

Transformation Management:

  • FP&A, Data Modeling, Pricing Analysis & Margin Expansion
  • Informatics, Balanced Scorecard & KPI Development
  • Business Optimization
  • Operations/Administration
  • Executive Coaching
  • Change Management

Our Services

Grow your business.

Achieve the full value of your current business by driving the effectiveness of your sales team, client account management and branding/promotion execution, Unlock the full value of your current business by capturing opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your sales function, increase client retention, and expand revenue through improved product, distribution and market penetration.

Sales Effectiveness

Transform your new business development function to outperform the competition.

Client Expansion

Leverage the power of your customers and deliver industry-leading retention, profit, and same-store growth.

Strategic Connections

Uncover new opportunities to expand your business through new strategic relationships with key accounts, distribution, product wholesalers, and capital and risk partners.

New Product / Market Deveopment

Identify and qualify opportunities around new markets and products with the structure required to take new opportunities from concept through testing and commercialization.

Marketing Optimization

Unlock the full value of marketing and transform the function from basic communications to a strategic driver of growth.

Maximize your margins.

Mine your business for hidden margin and cash flow expansion opportunities. Optimize pricing strategies and capture opportunities for operational efficiencies and productivity improvement.

Comprehensive Business Review

Gain deep visibility and insight into all the critical levers that grow revenue and optimize contribution margin in order to uncover untapped opportunities and align SG&A and capital resources for maximum impact.

Product Economics & Pricing Analysis

Ensure your prices are competitive across your client base and cover all fixed and variable expense loads while addressing cost of capital and risk charge/profit targets.

Business Process Optimization

Improve operations, enhance performance management, standardize workflows and align your people, processes and technology.

Product Total Value & Performance Assessment

Synchronize your product’s performance and financials with its target positioning in the markets you are trying to reach.

Chart your future.

Align your investment hypothesis, strategic business plan, and operational results by bringing a fresh, objective view on current performance vis-à-vis your strategic plan. Assess strategic alternatives for growth and develop the roadmap and scorecard to execute.

Strategic Business Review

Translate your current performance and future aspiration into a Strategic Business Plan that serves as the master road map for the company.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Develop a bottoms up, multi variable, and dynamic planning and analysis model that allow you to marry operational results, client account performance, sales activity and SG&A with detailed financial KPIs for just in time insights into your business performance.

Defining / Clarifying your Purpose

Ensure that you have a clearly defined purpose to guide your organization and achieve higher market share gains while driving industry-leading employee and customer satisfaction.

Cultural Mapping & Employee Engagement

Build a culture that is aligned with business objectives and maximizes employee engagement.

Boost your resources.

Enhance your existing team and expand available resources by leveraging the resident “know-how” of industry experts with direct experience in executing business plans and improving company performance.

Fractional Leadership

Deploy C-suite level executive resources to address short-term gaps in your senior leadership ranks.

Transformation Management

Integrate a scalable project management framework that drives action, accountability, and risk management across enterprise-wide implementation activities.

Technology Enablement

Ensure that your technology implementations achieve their intended impact and drive strategic priorities like growth, process improvement, and effective operations.

Thought Leadership

Extend your team and access deep domain skillsets with subject matter experts through formal and informal advisory roles and Board of Director assignments.

Executive Development & Learning

Facilitate the evolution, growth, and effectiveness of your key resources by engaging an active coaching model that focuses on short-term impact and long-term advancement.

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