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Ready? Set your sights. Go beyond.

Ready? Set your sights. Go beyond.

Unlock your

true potential

Sunstone Management Advisors is a growth advisory firm focused on helping healthcare and insurance companies identify and unlock their full enterprise value. Delivering deep domain expertise and proven strategies with a clear return on engagement costs, we help our clients to align their investment hypothesis with their strategic plan and operational performance.

What makes us different?

Hands On Delivery

We bring deep and diverse insights to every engagement.  You work solely and directly with our team of seasoned executives, each of whom has complementary but specific skill sets.  We are specialists with years of real world, domain experience and technical knowledge.  We do not rely on a traditional leverage model that pushes work to junior staff and/or consulting generalists.

Move the Needle

We make a difference and help management teams and investors make their companies measurably better.  Our team has worked for and with over 100 companies in a wide range of roles and organization types. We bring a long and clearly substantiated track record of success to your business with demonstrated improvements in revenue, product development, marketing, profitability, operations, strategy, culture, and management process.

Bang For Your Buck

We improve the total enterprise value of our clients.  By digging deep right from the start, we deliver timely, efficient and cost-effective solutions, not long drawn out and expensive projects. Our economic model focuses on minimizing upfront project costs and maximizing returns on investment from improved results.  We work with you to design our projects to fit your budget and are willing to engage in creative, incentive-based financial structures derived from the outcomes we deliver.

What is

a Sunstone?

Our name comes from the ancient Vikings who used a sunstone to navigate the seas and stay on course even when the sun was hidden behind the clouds or below the horizon. Let us be your sunstone and guide your journey to Go Beyond….

We can help

your business
Maximize existing business & grow from your core.

Drive revenue through more effective sales and marketing, stronger client engagement, and new products, markets, and strategic relationships.

your margins
Mine your business for hidden profits.

Extract value through service delivery excellence, operational efficiencies, productivity improvements, and optimized pricing.

your future
Assess and refine your strategic plan.

Build tools and processes to measure your progress. Align your brand and culture with your mission.

your resources
Expand your capacity and broaden your perspective.

Gain an objective view and enhance your resident “know how” with access to trusted industry experts.

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