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We’re passionate about doing great work for great people.

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Our Approach

On the journey from aspiration to achievement, we work with our clients through four phases of growth


your extraordinary potential.


the path forward and map your journey.


the voyage & adjust to emerging conditions on the way.


as a great company.

Our Values

Sunstone Management Advisors was formed by a team of seasoned executives with a passion for growth and a commitment to doing great work for great people.

We operate with a shared sense of purpose and a dogged commitment to the following values.

Be Genuine

We believe in candor and say what we believe without exception.

We know what we know and are clear on what we don’t.

Be Passionate

We believe in the value we create and want to do great work for great people and companies.

We are driven by the ability to make an impact and bring relentless energy to our work.

Be Balanced

We believe every good decision is rooted in a combination of art and science.

We are champions of data-driven insights balanced by the wisdom of experience.

Be Accountable

We believe in the power of honest expectations communicated clearly.

We honor our commitments and the accountability that comes with them.

Client Engagement Model

We exist to make a total enterprise value impact. Working with companies who are restless and want more out of their business, our clients unlock their full potential through our proven interventions that minimize sunk costs and drive maximum ROI through a precise set of objectives built on our deep understanding of client priories and economic considerations, rigorous and exact execution and mitigating costs by balancing SMA and Client resources and deploying success-based incentives, where appropriate. Our engagements typically include four (4) discrete work streams with a specific  Statement of Work (SOW) defining each:

Fast Track Discovery

Accelerated (~2-3 week) assignment to confirm specifications, required vs. available resources, deliverables and expense mitigation opportunities.

Strategy Review & Analysis

In-depth analysis to identify root causes, and prescribe actions to dramatically improve the value of the business.


Assist in the execution of the value improvement & transformation efforts, authored by the client, SMA, or both.

Ongoing Support

Provide “at the ready” technical expertise and insights, serving as a faculty advisor and subject matter contributor to client initiatives.

Our Value Exchange

  • Deliver clear, tangible & measurable results, not just hourly-based consulting services
  • Create value-based arrangements where we structure the engagement’s “sunk” expenditures to be a relatively small fraction of the ultimate real improvement in outcomes.
  • Avoid “productized” pricing models, consider creative approaches to project financing – We are not afraid to put our fees at risk.

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