Case Study

National Accident & Health Insurer

Supplemental Product Development


  • Start-up subsidiary of a personal-lines insurer looking to enter the Accident & Health market
  • No existing infrastructure – existing policy forms were only a shell
  • No pricing/underwriting capability
  • Limited budget/staffing allowance. “Bootstrap” effort.

SMA Services

Strategic Review

Pricing Optimization

Product Review

Marketing Review

Actions & Impact

  • In-depth analysis of markets, products and consumer needs and competitive landscape
  • Constructed Strategic Plan
  • Built Organizational Structure and Implementation Roadmap
  • Created marketing and distribution development plans
  • Brand Strategy and Tactical Plan
  • Development of products and supporting infrastructure
  • Integrated multiple third-party relationships
  • Established customer-focused, growth oriented operating model
  • Designed and implemented Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, Limited Medical, Hospital Indemnity, Short Term Major Medical and Stop Loss Portfolio on a Group, Individual and Association platforms


$50M+ Revenue Double Digit Margins

125,000 Members