Case Study

Healthcare Services Administrator

Growth Strategy & Transformation


  • Company was a merger of 3 discreet businesses, all in different phases of maturity and profitability.
  • One business was cash flow negative, another was barely break-even after several years in operations and the 3rd was cash flow rich but not scalable.
  • Legacy systems and processes needed to be consolidated and optimized.

SMA Services

Strategic Review

Sales Effectiveness

Client Relationships

Product Review

Marketing Review

Actions & Impact

  • Conducted an exhaustive study of the market and developed the Strategic Plan combining 3 corporate entities into a single holding company to capture operating synergies, increase market access and expand suite of products.
  • Extensive analysis of product performance and identified actions required to drive substantial improvement in production results, revenue and profitability.
  • Built marketing and distribution development plans.
  • Established customer focused, growth-oriented organization.
  • Created Strategic Advisory Board of notable healthcare executives to help guide strategic decision making and facilitate C suite relationship development.


$3M SG&A Expenses

18% Revenue